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Hi everyone! Artflower has, in it's 16 years of existence, been a lot of things. The last thing was a photoblog/photopholio. I decided, no matter what seo wants to predict me, i will use this Site for everything I like from now on, for all my crafty and non-crafty things.
It's not entirely finished yet and you may encounter some corners that aren't perfect yet. Also there might be moments when I work on it and things get messy - but I want to get content out slowly, so I'll live with that!
The photos will stay, but slowly I want to build other content here as well. If you want to stay tuned - please subscribe to my rss feed (link in footer)!

Some pictures of my friend Ava as Sona from League of Legends at Animecon 2013, Den Haag

Ein paar Bilder von meiner Freundin Ava als Sona aus League of Legends von der Animecon 2013 in Den Haag

Arcade Sona – League of Legends

These pictures were shot at a ruin called “Ahre”. I loved the ruin and wanted to shoot my Tira costume there, so my friend Melanie came along with her Kamizakze Kaito Jeanne costume.

Diese Bilder sind auf der Ruine “Ahre” entstanden. Ich wollte mein Tira Kostüm dort shooten, also hat mich meine Freundin Melanie mit ihrem Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Kostüme begleitet.

Pretty Thief

This shooting is also a result of my cosplay-shooting-call. It actually was in broad daylight, but I’m really lucky that my boyfriend owns portable and powerfull flashes^^ We shot in a street and, of course, got grumbled at by some resident of a house nearby. She maybe thought we were taking pictures for google or something oO dunno.

Ramona Flowers – Scott Pilgrim

A short while ago I asked via my cosplayblog who was interested in shooting a little, as I like off-convention shoots more than when running around through loads of people, having no real time to talk and rushing a shoot on a convention. We did a shoot in an old laundry building which was really interesting (and dirty…).

Ada Wong – Resident Evil

These Amidala Pictures were taken at FedCon 2010. Manu is a friend I definately don’t meet enough because she lives rather far away…She loves the dress and put very much effort in it. We had a lovely time trying out to dye it. Was quite a deasaster. But in the End the costume turned out beautiful.


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