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When I made my first doll, Plum, I made her a tulle petticoat. This petticoat turned out way stiffer than expected, and the way it looked on her looked like a long ballerina skirt. I love dancing, I noob ballet myself and I have always adored pancake tutus, so I decided I wanted to make a ballerina next.

I must admit I’m not very creative in original designs, and coming from cosplay there are still some unfulfilled cosplay wishes. One of them is Krähe from Princess Tutu. I decided she would be a nice project for my ballerina doll. I decided for the Swanlake version of the dress as it’s a bit fancier.

For the body I chose a Draculaura again, She’s simply the doll that is most similar in body colour to an average caucasian character, at least from the dolls you can get hands on here in germany (which seem to be rather limited compared to the US for example).

I sanded down her body a bit so I could blush the whole body and face with a yellowish tone and neutralise the pink in the skin. I’m surprised how well this works, and I’m definitely gonna reuse that technique on the Yotsuyu Doll that I’m working on right now.

My perfectionism is sometimes stupid, but I wanted to build the tutu in a way that a real pancake tutu is built. basically it’s a pair of panties that is covered with ever widening strips of tulle. So I made a panty pattern and covered it with tulle. Of course, since it wasn’t elastic at all, I had to sew the doll into the tutu, but that worked out quite well.


I painted her legs white and didn’t sew stockings, because I knew I’d get in trouble with the feet if I did so. Before I actually worked on the shoes, I cut off her toes (errr….I had to alter the shape ok, no sadistic preferences here) and glued on the laces of her shoes.

Then tried various things with worbla that didn’t work out, so I put her soes aside for a while and turned to the dress.
The skirt is a circle skirt that is interfaced, so that it’s stiffer. I used a very tilty fabric for it and it would have been a pain without interfacing. The edges were sealed with glue, so that they don’t fray. The skirt got it’s gold ornaments and the feather edge, which I did a bit more accurate than the reference is to have it resemble more of a real ballet tutu than the reference (as nice as the anime is, and as good as the ballet moves actually look, the tutus are a pain the way they are displayed).

For the bodice I didn’t sew any basque, as the reference doesn’t have one either and it would be very hard to technically achieve that. I cut out miniture feathers from real feathers to glue them on her boobs, and glued the bodice over it. I tried to sew it first, but it didn’t work in any way. Then I added the decorations on it (the sequins keep annoying me as they are coming off).
Back to the shoes I went! In the end I used apoxie-sculpt for the tips. Covering them with the fabric was so (!) fiddly. I did this in the same way ballet pointe shoes are built (yes I’m weird), which I researched when I was a teenager.



For the hair I decided for yarn wefts as the hairstyle is similar to plum and and I made good experience with this before (and had wefts in the appropriate colour). She also got lashes – oh my god, glueing on lashes is easily THE WORST. It took ages until i had fixed them.
When she was finished, I instantly took her to take pictures. The Man was really sad that I did it with improvised small spots instead of using our studio flash setup lol but they would have been way too bright. I wanted her to do jumping poses, so I hung her up on nylon threads between two chairs which looked quite hilarious.
I’m really happy with the results and how she turned out!




One response to “Monster High Repaint – Krähe from Princess Tutu”

  1. Poptato says:

    Absolutely stunning! Almost looks real!

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