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Hi everyone! Artflower has, in it's 16 years of existence, been a lot of things. The last thing was a photoblog/photopholio. I decided, no matter what seo wants to predict me, i will use this Site for everything I like from now on, for all my crafty and non-crafty things.
It's not entirely finished yet and you may encounter some corners that aren't perfect yet. Also there might be moments when I work on it and things get messy - but I want to get content out slowly, so I'll live with that!
The photos will stay, but slowly I want to build other content here as well. If you want to stay tuned - please subscribe to my rss feed (link in footer)!

It got me back – the photography fever. In December we switched our camera system and retired our up to ten year old cameras. While I still love my old cam for it’s work that it did for me, I’m also totally in love with my new cam. Things are just way easier with it! […]

Duo Tatoum – Vintage Fusion

It began with a bachelorette party. One member of my tribe (I’m dancing tribal dance) got married a few days ago, and for her bachelorette party I volunteered as the photographer (photos still to come! We went to a falconry and I want to write a bit more about that). It was so much fun […]

Hula Hoop Odyssee

After we had the pants pattern, let’s add another basic pattern to the collection: a blouse/shirt with sleeves. My pattern has two variants, a normal/long one with normal sleeves, and a short one with slightly flared sleeves for some piraty-poof. Bring a bit patience for the sleeves as it’s not that easy to get them […]

Monster High Bluse Sewingpattern

Today I’m gonna start a (hopefully) new series: Basic sewing patterns for Monster High Dolls. I’m gonna start with a a basic pattern for pants/shorts and give you a rough overview how to sew them too.  Click here to download the pattern. At first I’m cutting the two pieces of the pants. My patterns do […]

Monster High Pants Sewingpattern

Quite a while ago, a friend hinted me to a software that lets one enter their measurments and generates a pattern fitting their size. For a tailoring person that sounds like heaven! No more mock ups, no more fittings? I tried out this program for one costume and it worked very well on an adult […]

Passt! Patternmaker review with focus on BJD

When I made my first doll, Plum, I made her a tulle petticoat. This petticoat turned out way stiffer than expected, and the way it looked on her looked like a long ballerina skirt. I love dancing, I noob ballet myself and I have always adored pancake tutus, so I decided I wanted to make […]

Monster High Repaint – Krähe from Princess Tutu

Model: GrusliCharacter: Pirate FairySeries: Tinkerbell Location: Bonn  

Piratenfee am Rhein


Tribe Terpsichoré

Mittlerweile ist das kleine Mädchen da – aber natürlich musste es vorher noch ein paar Bilder vom Babybauch geben.

Babybauch mit Anke

Dieses Shooting war ob der knappen Bekleidung und der Location Model vs Mücken. Das Hexenwäldchen kommt bei mir immer wieder zum Einsatz weil ich es einfach gerne mag.


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